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    Why you should upgrade your shopware 5 store to shopware 6 immediately?

    It’s no longer secret in the shopware market that after upgrading shopware eCommerce store to latest version merchants are achieving benefit in sales.

    Let’s see what your store is missing if you haven’t upgraded your store in Shopware 6 yet.

    Headless Architecture:

    One of the amazing technological feature adopted by shopware 6 is headless architecture which separates the frontend and backend and allows leveraging the new standard to the maximum extent.

    Ecosystem & Extensions:

    With improved ecosystem, shopware 6 has launched support/integration with multiple payment methods and other extensions. Listing a few of them below.

    • – PayPal Integration
    • – Stripe Integration
    • – Google Shopping Integration
    • – DHL Shipping Integration
    • – Shopware 6 SAP Integration
    • – & many more.

    Support with above payment methods & extension give ease of shopping to users and improves the sales cycle.

    Shopware PWA:

    Progressive Web Apps is future of mobility world. Shopware developers understood it on early stage and offered PWA benefit to Shopware store owners with latest version.

    Multiple Editions:

    Unlike shopware 5, shopware 6 is launched with multiple editions. Merchant can choose the suitable edition for their store.

    Shopware Enterprise Edition:

    It’s self hosted edition which offers the most extended set of features associated with the platform.

    Shopware Professional Edition:

    It’s cloud and self hosted edition which is best suitable for mid-level merchants.

    Shopware starter Edition:

    It’s free edition which offers regular & a few advanced eCommerce benefits.

    Sales Channels:

    Shopware 6 enables you to combine social media platforms, marketplaces, POS systems, and typical online shops. The platform offers a place where you can control all of them.
    This is a game changer.

    Integrated SEO Functions:

    eCommerce SEO is different then regular SEO. While designing Shopware 6 developer had that thought in mind. Thus, Shopware 6 include SEO features such as rich snippets, metadata, canonical tags, breadcrumbs, etc which are not available in Shopware 5.

    PayPal as Payment:

    Shopware 6 supports paypal as payment gateway which gives freedom to your buyers to order through one of the popular payment method.


    Shopware 6 has refined multilingual support tools, so it became more real to involve foreign audiences.

    Wish list:

    It’s an amazing feature where customers generally bookmark products that they wish to buy in the future. You can also mail customers who are having some items in the wish list if your Shopware developer is smart enough to do it.

    User-defined search index and ranking:

    You can manage which search criteria are relevant and which are not. This will help you to offer a more flexible search experience to your visitors.

    B2B Suits:

    you can effortlessly adapt it to a broad range of business requirements with this feature of shopware 6. It empowers your eCommerce store’s B2B operations.

    “Starting from” prices for product variables:

    “Min to Max” price filter is an old-school method. Shopware is taking a step ahead for merchants. This feature will offer more product listing to visitors compare to the “Min to Max” price filter option. The more products visitor will see the more changes in buying will increase.

    Choosing payment options:

    Earlier there was a click button at the checkout section to see all payment options, but not anymore. With Shopware 6.4 customers can see all available payment options at a glance. Checkout has been made easier with this feature.

    Improved CMS:

    The CMS has also been upgraded with a new layout, rich text editor, and site builder. This gives more freedom and flexibility to the admin.

    Apart from the above, there are many other general & developer-level changes which are implemented which can be fruitful to your store.

    Don’t hold your sales graph from growing by not upgrading to Shopware 6 – Upgrade your store today.


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